Welcome to Steele's Brushes and Ceramics!
We encourage all artistic levels and ages to step out of your comfort zone and create!

Our studio offers a large variety of ceramics, wood designs, DIY canvas, pottery wheel classes and SO MANY different options for classes that are scheduled throughout the month!

When you visit us, you are not just another customer... you become part of our family and we can't wait to get to know you!

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Sunday: 11am - 6pm
Monday: 11am - 8pm
Tuesday: 11am - 8pm
Wednesday: 11am - 8pm
Thursday: 11am - 8pm
Friday: 11am - 8pm
Saturday: 11am - 8pm


1631 N Main Street Ext 
Butler PA 16001

What We Envision

"Everyone is an artist." Joseph Beuys

We work hard at Steele's Brushes and Ceramics to welcome everyone to create! 
No matter age, artistic levels, gender, budget, disability, or mental cognitive abilities.... EVERYONE IS WELCOMED TO JOIN IN THE FUN!
We work hard to invite everyone to relax and be apart of our artistic family! We aren't just a business and look at our customers as dollar signs, you are our friends and we look forward to getting to know you! 



We’re pleased to provide a wide variety of classes fitting all skill levels and mediums. Are you curious about all that we offer? Learn more about each class below, and get in touch today with any questions.

Step by Step Classes

We offer a variety of different classes with step by step instructions! 
When attending our classes, we allow you to take your own pace in our class without hearing, "Better keep up, we only have a short window to finish!" This is your class and your experience, we want you to be happy with the outcome!
We may have teaching skills but we're not magician, what we mean by that is you will not leave being Picasso but you will leave with a heart full of laughter and memories with loved ones! And THAT is what it's all about! We focus on the fun more than perfection! 

Open Ceramics

We have so many options for ceramics! We're not kidding.... so so many! Our prices range from $6-$220 and our average price is $25. There are lots of choices for all budgets! 
Our open ceramic hours do not require any appointments! We do encourage if you have a party of 5 or more to call ahead to reserve a table to make sure we can comfortably welcome your party!

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