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Welcome to Your Safe Haven

Get to know us, we can't wait to meet you!

We offer a variety of different classes to broaden the artistic knowledge of our community. We encourage and celebrate our young minds interested in art. We make a safe environment for those that may need a calm moment or someone to smile with. We choose kindness above all and work hard to makes sure everyone feels safe in our studio.


Our Mission

We spread kindness and creativity by creating a safe place surrounded by a positive community to build friendships and welcome all diversity to come together.


Meet the Owner & Your New Neighborhood BFF

Hi there – I'm Christine!


Here's 5 things you should know about me:

1. I love getting to know people🥰and I dont mean just learning your name I want to know how your grandma is who you mentioned last time she just moved down to Florida and I most certainly will check in to see if she finally found that recipe you said she has been looking for for months! I love getting to know your soul and making new friends! I love people! This is a warning⚠️ ... I am a talker! I'm a huge advocate for mental health since working in the field for many moons and will always ask how your day is! That being said EVERYONE IS WELCOMED AT THE STUDIO! Have anxiety or nervous... shoot me a message! We'll make a plan for your comfort!

2. I love the look YOU get when you see your final project! 🎨Art is such a beautiful thing! To help allow you to relax for a moment and just let your creative mind wonder is the most amazing part of my "job".

3. I admit my faults like a badge of honor, which means I tell on myself alot! With the excitement of owning a business, my busy mind gets me in trouble and also is perfect proof I am human. 🙈 My chronic lateness and scattered mind is a joke amongst friends resulting in my catch friends , "Sorry, I got distracted!" I use the term wing it often but have mad Macgyver skills! 🌞

4. Since the beginning of Covid I have been getting REAL into plants!!🪴 I love my plants and once had roughly 45 of them in my house and since moved most of them into the studio! Why plants? Because plants are a reminder that new life and growth can happen after a little love and TLC. You can survive with a little damage and still bloom beautifully!

5. I have the most amazing friends and family! Seriously, THE MOST AMAZING HUMANS EVER!! I have been so blessed to have these supportive people in my corner for so many years and I truly am so grateful for them! Of course that means all of you! I cherish all the friendships made throughout these years!💕

My goal in life is to spread kindness and compassion! Through this journey I still hope to return to school to become an art therapist. Until then I look forward to each day teaching others to fall in love with their creativity and take a few moments with their friends and loved ones to relax and have fun!

Christine Steele 


Can't wait to meet you, come create with us!

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